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Summer Corset
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Daehyun KimYou’re Sur Real, 2014

The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline by John Willie

Toxic Spill Leaves Mind-Bendingly Perfect Line on Hungarian Forest.

No need to clean your eyeglasses, this image has not been Photoshopped!

In October 2010, 261 million gallions of aluminum sludge devoured towns in Veszprém County, Hungary. The spill covered 16 miles of land, with villagers having to flee from a wave of aluminum waste that was six feet tall. At least 16 people were killed. Six hundred forty-five days later, the toxic spill has left a mark that is hard to be believed. The distinct red color from the aluminum waste has left all of the trees and buildings stained. Even the ground is still colored red. Hungary will be painted red for a long time to come, but what is more concerning is the potential long-lasting side effects the spill will have and the spread of waste. More worrisome is the potential river runoff polution into the Danube. Veszprém is right next to the Lake Balaton, which feeds the Danube River through the smaller Sio River.

Is this weirdest ecological photograph you’ve ever seen?
someone please make this into fabric

Exene Cervenka and John Doe of X.


its the year 2021. you download designer drug for your 3d printer off the bit torrent network. you go to get the drugs out of the printer but instead of drugs it printed a cop. Youre under arrest

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Holly Faram, wife and muse of John Willie.

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The intensity of the Bowser

Guido Crepax, 1958.


The light-blue soldier crab, Mictyris longicarpus, inhabits sandy beaches from Singapore and the Bay of Bengal to New Caledonia and Australia. These crabs spend much of their time buried in the sand but emerge to the surface during low tide. They are famous for traveling across the beach in large “armies.” Read more: Image by LiquidGhoul via Wikimedia Common
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boys meowing soulfully

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i want to join this choir.

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