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Creeping Poison International - Austria 1976
The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Massachusetts Chapter’s Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer will be held on Sunday, September 7th. Any contributions in the efforts to support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Clayton’s Red Sunset Venus Flytrap
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Elmgreen & Dragset- Powerless Structures (2002)

Python swallows antelope then spews out its dead body as shocked villagers look on
Photo credit: Nitish Bambhaniya
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dank flume


Aguafuerte de Hans Bellmer para la edición de 1944 de Historia del Ojo de Georges Bataille
A white jinbaori with a cross design Late Muromachi period (16th century)
IUDs in The Percy Skuy Collection (The History of Contraception) held at the Dittrick Museum

The Myth Of The Vaginal Orgasm
El mito del orgasmo vaginal por Anne Koedt (1968)

"In our culture, the human female’s orgasmic attainment never has achieved the undeniable status afforded the male’s ejaculation. While male orgasm (ejaculation) has the reproductive role in support of its perpetual acceptance, a comparable regard for female orgasm is still in limbo."

- William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson. 1966.