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A white jinbaori with a cross design Late Muromachi period (16th century)
IUDs in The Percy Skuy Collection (The History of Contraception) held at the Dittrick Museum

The Myth Of The Vaginal Orgasm
El mito del orgasmo vaginal por Anne Koedt (1968)

"In our culture, the human female’s orgasmic attainment never has achieved the undeniable status afforded the male’s ejaculation. While male orgasm (ejaculation) has the reproductive role in support of its perpetual acceptance, a comparable regard for female orgasm is still in limbo."

- William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson. 1966.

whatta pillow

Ribs, also being called Music on ribs, Jazz on bones, are slang names for x-ray shots, mostly a fluorography ones, turned into improvised gramophone recordings. These were a black market method of smuggling in and distributing music by foreign musicians who were banned from broadcasting in the USSR. Actual medical X-Rays, purchased from hospitals and clinics, were used for the technology; the X-Rays were cut into the shape of records. According to Russian musicologist Artemy Troitsky, “grooves were cut with the help of special machines (made, they say, from old phonographs by skilled conspiratorial hands)”; he added that the “quality was awful, but the price was low, a ruble or a ruble and a half.” 


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One of my pages from the flaccid 7” lyric zine. Records available soon on the store.



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Zdzisław Beksiński - No title, 1979. Oil on fibreboard.
kooky lil bowl from rach

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